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Young listed company with ambition

The story of Qrf City Retail began a few thousand years ago when the first towns and markets were formed. 

Large and successful cities have become truly entrenched in our collective psyche. There is nothing strange about that, of course, because for many centuries, cities have been the place to be. Social contacts, plenty of things to do and good retail opportunities are the main reasons to opt for the urban lifestyle.

Qrf City Retail brought its success story to the market in 2013, full of ambition. And in the past few years, we have been concentrating hard on developing an excellent property portfolio in the niche market of inner-city retail propertyQrf City Retail is already operating in 13 Belgian and 5 Dutch city centres.

The main character in our story is retail in the inner city, a product that has been with us for centuries past – and will be for centuries to come. It’s what drives our policy to invest in urban retail property at locations that can make all the difference, which exude the right atmosphere and which may be historic or simply extremely trendy.

Because retail is a dynamic product that needs to keep reinventing itself to remain relevant. So it thrives best in a changing environment. And the city has always been the place to live, relax, work and rejuvenate – which also makes it the logical choice for retailers to be and hence also for Qrf City Retail to operate as a property owner.

In today’s mature digital society, retail continues to play an important role. Cities are pioneers of digital change, which is why Qrf City Retail is firmly convinced of the future of retail in the city. In the same way, Trendwatchers and other international research bureaux predict that urban retail will continue to play an important role.

It’s only logical that you don’t cast aside without a second thought  a monument that has been with us for a thousand years.